Emerging Leaders’ Dialogues Alumni Relations - Get Involved!

We have launched a brand new Alumni Relations and Communications program to keep your Dialogue experience alive!

Our alumni maintain their ties to each other in many different ways. Your involvement may be as simple as attending an alumni event in your area, or you may decide to get involved with leading a project that supports your community. Whatever it is you are doing as a “leader” - we want to hear from you!

Starting in March, Alex Burstein will be your Alumni Relations and Communications coordinator to support your connections on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The goal of this project is to keep CCELD 2011 and 2015 alumni engaged, informed, networked and Dialoguing about leadership. We want to hear from you and about what you are doing in your new leadership role. You can reach Alex at alumni@eldcanada.org.

Simply click on the links below to make sure that you are in the “network” and follow the conversation. If you are not "connected," you will be able to sign up for the social media sights through following the links.

The CCELD network is your source of network information, opportunity and friendship. By staying involved, you keep the experience alive!

Find out about your fellow alumni’s profession and their expertise. The network is your source of resources and professional opportunity. Join the Alumni LinkedIn group to continue the Dialogue and discuss relevant issues. Stay in touch with your study group, the volunteers and everyone who participated in the Dialogues! Start a group discussion, expand your network and socialize with alumni from the Caribbean, Canada and beyond. Keep the Dialogue going by adding your ideas, views and opinions to the topics followed on Twitter.

Tweet us at @cceld2015